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Model Power Lumen DIM Product Size
LP-DL12EM01-Y 12W 880-1020LM N 172x29mm
LP-DL18EM01-Y 18W 1450-1530LM N 222x29mm
LP-DL24EM01-Y 24W 1920-2060LM N 282x29mm

Stumbling through an accurate selection of the lights that cut out size to match the ceiling hole?

Hurting hands accidentally by fixing springs when installing the recessed downlight?

Feeling difficult to take it out and replace a new one?

With surface mounted downlight from Liper, you are transforming your home into a conveniently connected world that leaves you feeling cozy and comfortable.

Surface-mounted downlight lets you EASILY INSTALL, it can be set up in a few easy steps! Just follow the installation guide to screw in the mounting plate to your ceiling, then, screw the light body to the mounting plate, connect the supply wiring to the fixture wiring, and you are all done!

Objects show their true colors under the irradiation of large sunlight and LED lights, but when the objects are illuminated by discontinuous spectrum lights, the color will have different degrees of distortion, with RA>80 downlight from Liper, you’ll suddenly discover a lot of wonderful under the lights and start feeling the fascination of light.

Withstand voltage instability from Liper driver, the meantime, the downlight will constantly light up in our high-temperature (45℃- 60℃) room for up to 1 year to ensure the working stability. in this case, make sure the light body will never turn yellow.

If you prefer to recessed mounted type, our size-free one can be your choice.(SIZE FREE EC DOWN LIGHT )

All of our indoor and outdoor lighting products are not only super stylish but also extremely efficient. They save you money, let you conjure up any lighting mood you want and just leave you feeling good.


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