Anti-Glare Ceiling Light Generation 1st

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2700K/4000K/6500K/CCT Adjustable

Die-Casting Aluminum

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Model Power Lumen DIM Product Size Cutout
LPDL-10G01-Y 10W 850-900 N 85x53mm Φ75-80mm
LPDL-15G01-Y 15W 1275-1350 N 108x55mm Φ95-100mm
LPDL-20G01-Y 20W 1700-1800 N 165x80mm Φ145-150mm
LPDL-30G01-Y 30W 2550-2700 N 215x104mm Φ190-200mm

* G01: COB with lens
G02: SMD with mist cover
Y: white lights body
YB: black lights body

liper lights

Have you ever heard of one phrase “eye protection”? This is the led lights industrial buzzword, the latest trend, and requirement because human beings more and more pay attention to health and comfort in their daily life.

Take a look at our new recessed anti-dazzling ceiling light, eye protection combined with design and elegance creates the new visual and sensory experience of the lighting environment.

Eye Protection: two ways to ensure eye protection.

First, the selection of full-spectrum lamp beads which can emit light that is most similar to natural light, including all colors of visible light and a small part of ultraviolet light, which can maximum restore the original color of the irradiated object. The full-spectrum lamp beads, with high uniformity, light, soft, and comfortable yet bright, can effectively release eye fatigue. BTW, the CRI>90. As defined by the International Commission on Illumination(CIE), lamps with CRI> 90 can use at museums, art galleries, libraries and etc.

Second, embedded design can avoid eyes seeing the strong light directly, the strong light passes through the lamp arm, emitting the softest and most comfortable light which will create a superior lighting environment.

You can play with the combination of sizes, lamp beads type, lens, cover and colors of this LED ceiling light.

Multiple Options: two colors of light body, white and black; COB with lens, SMD with mist cover to meet your different decorating demands.

Complete Power: 10W/15W/20W/30W available, Liper is always committed to providing you with convenience, one model can be installed at your whole house, decrease your choice time, increase decorate efficiency, and keep your house has a consistent lighting environment.

Die-Casting- Aluminum Body: the most important thing to ensure the life of LED lamps is to ensure heat dissipation, as we all know, aluminum is one of the materials with high heat dissipation. We use the same die-casting aluminum material with outdoor projector light, to make sure the heat dissipation, in the meantime, add texture.

Usage Scenario: the recessed anti-dazzling ceiling light is perfect to be installed in our living room, hallway, dining room, or bedrooms. Thanks to their minimalist aesthetics, they are also the best option for hotels, museums, exhibitions and etc, creating unique lighting spaces.

Lighting, not just lighting.

Liper is in pursuit to make light a real joy, and enjoyment, paying attention to health and comfort, and realizing truly humanized lighting. 

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