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Die-Casting Aluminum
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highly recommend C street light
Model Power Battery capacity DIM Product size Installation Pipe Diameter
LPSTL-20C01 20W 1900-220LM N 282x144x55mm ∅50mm
LPSTL-30C01 30W 2850-3300LM N 282x144x55mm ∅50mm
LPSTL-50C01 50W 4750-5500LM N 383x190x67mm ∅50mm
LPSTL-100C01 100W 9500-11000LM N 490x85x225mm ∅50/60mm
LPSTL-100C01-G 100W 9500-11000LM N 490x158x225mm ∅50/60mm
LPSTL-150C01 150W 14250-16500LM N 600x95x272mm ∅50/60mm
LPSTL-200C01 200W 19000-22000LM N 643x120x293mm ∅50/60mm

When you talk about streetlight, energy-sucking, expensive and not easy to maintain all these words come into your mind. Under the environment of tackling global warming and cultivating green energy, Changing the traditional into LED become most urging thing not only for government but also citizens.   

At Liper, we always go a step further to improve our Street light fixtures. That’s why our products are always highly regarded and preferred.

So, what makes our street lighting worth buying? Well, C led street lights are built for performance, endurance, efficiency, and durability.

High performance and efficiency—Equipped with High quality LEDs, C series road light can achieve 110LM/W tested by goniophotometer at our darkroom.

IP rating—Tested by professional waterproof test machine under a hot state 24 hours, it can pass IP66 and work properly in outdoor situation.

IK—IK is quite import to the streetlight. Our items can reach to IK08 international standard.

Durability and endurance—Car headlight PC, UV-resistant, it will not turn to yellow after use in a long time. After tested by extreme temperature machine under -50℃-80℃, Liper LED streetlight can operate in an extreme -45-50 ℃ environment. AL6060 aluminium material with 170-230 W/(M.K) high thermal conductivity and air flow design achieve a better heat dissipation system. Good anti-corrosion coating which can past 24 hours salty spray test allow the product work well in the coast cities. All this facts guarantee a long life span.  

We have CE,RoHS,CB,SAA certificates. IES files for whole series led road lighting is available. According to Dialux real site simulation, we can offer an advise of distance between two light and quantity to achieve the international illuminance standard.

If you need a one stop roadway lighting solution, Liper is a good choice for you.

LED Street Light Installation Instruction
Before installation, please read the instruction manual carefully and keep it for future use.

1.The operating personnel must have the related certifications, knowledge and work experience. Work allocation must be made according to each personnel's position and responsibility.
2.Lens of the street light modules are made of optics tempered glass, any careless handling would scratch the lens. So in the process of installation, the street lights must be carefully protected. In the case of street light face faces the ground, it must be protected with soft cloth or other protective materials.
3.Any installation mustn't be proceeded unless all the powers are off.
4.Installation must be carried out strictly according to the operation specifications, including use of relevant tools and equipments. For example: the working range, warning labels, flash lamp, helmet, and work clothes etc.
5.In the process of installtion, please ensure the weather are suitable for outdoor hgih electric power working.

Working truck with lifting platforms, warning mark and flashlight are necessary for street light installation.
Installation and maintanance Mustn't be proceeded unless all powers are off.
Maintanance must be carried out by professional personnel.

Installation of LED Street Lights
Step 1:Start installation of the street light
Turn the street light to the back side,loose the 3 screws on the swivel

Step 2:Connect the cables
Connect the L,N,GND cables on the lamp to the corresponding L,N,GND cables on the lamp pole.
Splice the branch circuit power leads to the fixture power leads,black to black(hot), white to while (neutral). and green to green (ground)

Step 3: Fixation of the LED Street Lights
Install the street light to the lamp pole,adjust the LED street light to be of horizontal level.Fasten the 3 screws on the swivel

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