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Solar energy will remain the megatrend of the future. Various series of solar products are constantly emerging, and also Liper is constantly working on better and more durable solar lights.

Introducing you here is our "old friend": Generation ⅢDiamond Cover IP65 Downlight - Solar Version. Instead of traditional electric light, this light is powered by solar energy. This is an innovative design of Liper's solar lamps. Let's introduce its uniqueness in detail!

Breakthrough Design: A new fusion of elegantly designed Generation Ⅲ Diamond cover downlight and solar panels. This is a perfect combination, more suitable for energy-efficient living and beautiful architectural design. Compared with the application range of solar floodlights, solar downlights have more visual advantages, making them a wider range of applications and can be used indoors and outdoors. This innovative design combines beauty and energy-saving.

Shape Selectable: In the Generation Ⅲ IP65 Downlight-Solar version, Liper provides you with more diverse choices. In addition to regular round downlights, we also introduce oval shapes. This will adapt to more fashionable and trending decoration trends.

Solar Panel: Polycrystalline silicon solar panel with 19% conversion rate ensures batter get a full charge in hours. Even on cloudy and rainy days, it can still absorb sunlight, so the light has a long battery life, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable for long-term use.

Battery: Equipped with LiFeCoPO4 battery. Each battery will pass the battery capacity tester to ensure quality and sufficient capacity, promote a safer electricity environment, and have a longer cycle charging time, which is the best choice for solar products.

Excellent PC Diamond Cover: Made of high-quality PC material, it has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, high toughness, UV resistance, high light transmittance, long-term use without aging, high lumen, and eye protection.

IP 65 and Insects resistance: Waterproof grade is IP65, no fear of water invasion. Integrate design with intensity sealing, make sure no insects can go inside during working.

Easy Installation: Surface-mounted install type. There is no need to reserve the location of the installation holes in advance, and it can be installed on various occasions such as walls, ceilings, outdoor pavilions, and corridors according to individual needs.

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