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detachable ES down light
Model Power Lumen DIM Product size Cutout
LPDL-05ES01 5W 380-460LM N ∅90x37mm ∅70-80mm
LPDL-10ES01 10W 820-930LM N ∅114x37mm ∅95-105mm

All of us know that nothing is easy in the life, if one product is broken, will you choose to purchase new one? It wastes too much time and extra cost. Nowadays, more and more customer talk about Innovation, that’s why Liper lighting push out this detachable downlight in order to save time and money.

What is detachable? It means you no need to take out the product from the ceiling hole anymore, no need to connect the wiring, even no need to seek help for electricians. Bring out your potential, you just need to replace the housing by yourself directly.

How about the wattage? 5W and 10W is selectable. Let us check out the cover, the material is high intensity PC imports from Japan, the advantage of this one is fire resistance.

Is it dimmable? Definitely. You can adjust the lux according to different environment. Imagine there are lots of friends get a party at your house, maximum lux is needed. After party, you want to lay on the sofa and have a rest, lux can be decreased as your requirement.

What’s more?this dismountable downlight also can be tri-color temperature, no matter warm white, cool white or natural white, it is changeable as you like.

Better light comes with better life, Liper lighting is always here, do not hesitate to get a quote today!

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